How can I turn on my Jetson Nano without unplugging and replugging after shutdown?

Hey everyone, I aim to power my Jetson Nano when a signal (5V or 12V) input is introduced to the system. There is the same question here (is there a "soft" way of turning the nano on after shutting it down? - #11 by mjhughes) but there is a J50 header in my Jetson Nano instead of a J40 header. How can I do this through GPIO pins?

hello furkan.nargul,

you should disable auto power-on,
please access Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide ,
if you’re having Nano B01 series. you should connect pin-5 and pin-6 to disable auto power-on; then you’ll need to short the other pins, pin-11 and pin-12 to initial the power.

Thank you much. I have one more question. Does this method provide us to send a “sudo shutdown” command to the Jetson Nano or does it suddenly shut the Jetson Nano down? That’s significant because I prefer a soft shutdown method.

hello furkan.nargul,

it’s hardware key to issue the power-on, if you connect the pin again, it’ll pop-up the power menu on the ubuntu desktop. you may toggle the options to soft shutdown the device.

On command line consider these two commands:

# "-h" for halt.
sudo shutdown -h now
# "-r" for reboot.
sudo shutdown -r now

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