Auto power-on on Jetson Nano

Jetson Nano with Development Board rev b01 here.
During a power outage I found that the default behaviour to re-boot is to unplug and re-plug the power jack.
I found 2 pins of J50 to disable auto power-on and other 2 to have a manual switch ( if I have interpreted the design guide correctly ).
My problem is that the board will be physically unreachable, so I’m looking a way to have a power up without re-plug the jack.
How to accomplish this?

Thanks a lot for every suggestions

hello truijllo,

there’re two approaches you may have a try, (1) RTC alarm, and (2) Wake on LAN.

RTC alarm
you may issue rtcwake to the target, shutdown the device and schedule the device boot-up after the power outage
i.e. $ sudo rtcwake -m off -l -t $(date +%s -d "Thursday 09:00")

Wake on LAN.
if have another machine on the same LAN available, below command is able to awakened from deep sleep.
i.e. $ sudo etherwake -i <interface> <MAC_address_of_target>

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