Jetson Nano auto power on and power botton power on compatible mode

For the Jetson Nano Developer Kit,if i want to use the Pin1 and Pin2 of J40 to initiate power-on it must to diable atuo power-on,is it possible to rework something to use the power botton power-on but keep the auto power-on enable at the same time?

Hi, using power button to power on system is not conflict to auto-power-on enable. No rework needed.

Hi Trumany,From the Jetson Nano OEM product Design Guide and my test result,enable the Manual power on must be disabled Auto-poewr-ON,Here’s a quote from the Design Guide(no idea how to post a capture).
The power ON/OFF circuitry used on the Jetson Nano carrier board is shown in the figure below. Two Power-on mechanisms
are supported:
▪ Auto-power-ON: In this case, if the DC jack or Micro USB are plugged in; the system should power ON and boot
up automatically. This is enabled by not installing the jumper in the Power ON/OFF Control Circuit figure.
▪ Manual power ON: In this case, by the addition of a jumper, the dev-kit can be configured to power ON only when
an added power button is pressed. This is enabled by installing the jumper to disable Auto-power-ON.

Yes as you said. What I meant “not conflict” is the designs can be in same board with jumper control. I have no idea about the design of auto select power button mode or auto-power-on mode.

I’m just encountering the same issue as “Spenseryao” on B01 Developer kit board, cannot get to work BOTH: manual power button AND auto-power-ON.
Power button starts the Nano only if the “disable-power-on” jumper is set on J50. If no jumper: auto-start is there but power button is then useless…

Sorry if I missed the point of the accepted answer but how to make both features working at the same time ?

Hi joskobacic,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks