Jetson Nano PowerButton Behaviour

Hey guys,
we are wondering about the Power Button behaviour on Jetson Nano.
From this post Program sleep on J40 pins? - #2 by Trumany we can confirm this behaviour: Power on and 10second power off is working as expected.

When the GUI (gdm3) is started, pressing the button shortly opens up shutdown options menu. When gdm3 is turned off (what we need for our use case). The button seems to work as simple power down even when shortly pressed. I tried to change behaviour from powerdown to suspend in /etc/systemd/logind.conf. This works, meaning that now it does not powerdown anymore, but it also does not suspend. Using systemctl suspend invokes the right and expected behaviour going in a suspend mode which can be woken up with poweron button. That behaviour is what we would like to have for that button.

Also I was wondering, in above post they are talking about J40 pin1. In our documentation it is J50 pin12.

Your help is very much appreciated!
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Have you already shorted pin 5 and 6 to disable auto-power-on first?


I have another question. If I set it to ignore, so that nothing happens:
Can I still set an interrupt on this pin to define my own behaviour?


Please check the gpio-key property in the dts and see if they meet your requirement.

Where can I find it in the source?

please check our download center and find the tarball “L4T sources”.