Modify shutdown menu's description and disable auto power down function

I want to power on/off the maching by using a key to control “power en” gpio on jetson nano board. When I click the key to power off, there is a menu display on the screen with the description “Hi user, you have open files you might want to save. Would you like to…” even if I don’t open any App or file. And it will auto power off the system in 10s if I do nothing.

Could you please help to slove my problems:

  1. Which gnome service or API does power_en gpio trigger? Can I modiy the description on the meun and disable the auto power down function?
    2.I find that power en gpio in /sys/kernel/debug/gpio is 189, but on carry board schematics the connector power en pin is 237. How to match connector pins with CPU pins?

hello Ricardo_2007,

did you mean…
the system power-off after 10 seconds after you click the power button, even you did not choose any behavior ?

Hi Jerry,

Yes,actually I click on the physical button which connects to the power_en pin.

hello Ricardo_2007,

I see,
am able to reproduce this issue on Nano devkits; it seems Nano’s OS shortage the power while putting this power selection menu within 1 minutes.

I had a Xavier devkit on hand for another quick test, it behavior differently.
Xavier keeps waiting for user input instead of shortage the power, this should be the expected results.

I’ll arrange resources for checking,

hello Ricardo_2007,

it’s EN0 which activates a global shutdown.
you may also check L4T sources package for the documentation of MAX77620 power management IC.
for example,