Ways to shutdown Jetson Nano

I know there are HW and SW methods of initiating Jetson Nano shutdown. A few questions related to this:

  1. Which of these methods guarantees that file system will not be corrupted?
  2. One hw method is to pull down POWER_EN pin. Are there other hw methods? e.g. can shutdown be initiated by a module GPIO?
  3. Could you please provide a good summary of initiating sw shutdown from user space?

A few related posts:

Use software command “sudo shutown” (and with any parameters) shall guarantee the correct shutdown.

For Q2, it is similar to generate a sw shutdown by GPIO input.

A. The link above titled “Software Shutdown Triggered by Jetson GPIO” mentions GPIO 505. As far as I can tell this is a gpio internal to the Jetson Nano Module. Please confirm.

B. If GPIO 505 is not just an internal GPIO, what pin # does it map to in the pinmux?

You can use below page to calculate the mapping.

Thank you for the mapping. However, this does not answer my question of what pin gpio-505 corresponds to. In fact this mapping shows that the max GPIO # is 255 (31*8+7). So does gpio-505 map to an IO on the module? I think the answer is no. But I would appreciate a confirmation. This question has not been clearly answered in other forum topics as well.

More importantly, will pulling down POWERN_EN(hw method), guarantee that filesystem will not be corrupted?

GPIO505 is not a tegra gpio so you should not use tegra gpio mapping. It is coming from system pmic. PMIC has 8 GPIOs, gpio505 corresponds to GPIO1.

You can check /sys/kernel/debug/gpio. There will tell you whether those gpios have any offset or not.

Or whether that gpio ranges is tegra gpio or not.

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