Jetson nano shutdown

what are the ways to shutdown the jetson nano developer kit 2gb in the hardware.
other than physically turn off the power to the device by unplugging it

Are you asking for ways to safely shutdown with keyboard or network access? Or purely a safe shutdown from button only? What is the use-case of available access for the shutdown?

Im working on a project were I have to shutdown the CPU and reach 0 power on it.
all I found was to physically unplug the power cable. and im wondering if there are more ways to shut it down
for an example the cpu have pwr-En pins and if i shortcut them I could switch to sleep mood. but I need to totaly shut it down.
(im not asking about software solutions like to open a terminal and write sudo shutdown)

I can’t answer the pin configuration regarding safe shutdown, someone from NVIDIA will need to answer that.

From software you can use “sudo shutdown -h now”. There are also likely ways someone from NVIDIA can tell you in device tree to disable sleep mode and force only true shutdown, but I am not familiar enough with those options to answer (probably involving device tree).

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