Jetson Nano scheduled shut down/start-up?

Hello, does anyone know of a product (or method) to have the jetson nano shut down at a specific time and start back up at another time (i.e. shut down at 7pm everyday and start up at 7am everyday)? I was using the witty pi 2 for my raspberry pi but since I’ve upgraded to this board I haven’t found any solutions yet. This board will be used in a remote operation where it will need to shut down at night to conserve battery and start back up in the mornings from a location that will not be visited very often. Thanks for any advice!

I found that this worked for the TK1 but I’m not sure if it’ll work for the nano and have the ability to actually turn on/off the board:

It may not save as much power as a poweroff, but without any additional hardware you can try to have a daily cron running at 7pm executing:

rtcwake -m mem -s 43200

so it will suspend to mem for 12 hours and then wake up at 7am. (Not tested with Nano, though).
Note that rtcwake is provided by package util-linux.

Do you know by any chance how much power this board consumes when put into a deep sleep state?

I have not been able to find the numbers… Probably someone knows and may tell us.

Considering that for Xavier it less than 10 mW (unclear if this is for developer kit or module only), you may expect similar or a bit less with Nano.

You may also measure it with an ammeter and tell us. It might also depend on what devices are connected and their states.

[EDIT: These numbers seems to be controversal…Someone with real measurement may tell more.]