Jetson Nano Shutdown and Does Not Restarts Automatically

I am trying to run Yolov3 Tiny on Jetson nano but jetson nano shuts off automatically and does not restart. I am using a 5v 4amp power supply from the barrel jack. Jetson nano works fine when used in 5w power mode but shuts down abruptly in 10w mode. After the shutdown nano doesn’t restart I manually have to turn the power switch off and off. Please let me know what might be going wrong. Any help is appreciated.

I have found the Jetson shut down through a variety of alarms.
If you’re using full power mode, you should be using a fan on the heat sink, and make sure the fan is on at least half speed by default, else you can suddenly spike the GPU heat and the cooler doesn’t keep up.

For me, the alarm might be a temporary glitch in voltage/power, rather than heat, as I sometimes use crocodile clips that get jostled when I move things on the bench.

After an alarm, the Jetson Nano seems to want a full power cycle – remove power, and then re-apply power – to auto-power-on again. The only way I’ve found to make this happen is to use an external monitor microcontroller that can break power to the Jetson using a relay or a MOSFET. The question then is how the monitor knows the jetson is off – you can use a serial port to send an occasional keepalive message, and when you don’t see it, cycle power. Or you can just use a 3.3V output pin to detect basic on-ness (but this won’t cycle power if the device crashes/hangs.)

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Thank you! I will try this