How to switch off Jetson nano from suspended status

When Jetson nano in suspended status, how can I switch off the power to Jetson nano safely without damage the Jetson nano Ubuntu 18.04 file system? Do I need to wake it up and then enter shutdown? Or, is it safe to unplug the power to Jetson nano during suspended?


hello changwen.xie,

please check developer guide, Chipset Power States.
there’re different wake sources that can wake the chip from deep sleep state.

there’s circuit design in module to handle sudden power loss, sudden power loss on VDD_IN will trigger force_off.

Thank you very much for your kind reply. Would you please let me know:

  1. Is there any document described the details of force_off procedure?
  2. Will the force_off write the DRAM data into NV memory to protect its File system from damaged?
  3. If force_off will write the DRAM data into NV memory, will is the memory located, on Jetson nano module or the MicroSD card where Ubuntu OS located?

hello changwen.xie,

please access Jetson Nano Product Design Guide for reference.
it’s circuit design to protect hardware. unless your filesystem is mounted read-only; it’s expect to have data loss/corruption of sudden power-off while you’re writing data to your filesystem.

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