Suspend Jetson Nano with push switch


I’m trying to suspend the Jetson Nano using a push switch. So far I’ve disabled the auto power-on (jumper between J50 pins 5 and 6) and, using a jumper to mimic a push switch by momentarily connecting PWR_BTN* (J50 pin 12) and GND (J50 pin 11), I can trigger a shutdown.

My question is, is it possible to change the default behaviour so that rather than shutdown, instead the board enters suspend?

I’ve tried the suggestion on this thread and changed /etc/systemd/logind.conf file as follows:


but I suspect the GNOME desktop may be overriding it.

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hello GavinThorn,

please check Jetson Nano Product Design Guide, here’s optional sleep/wake button to indicate the system should enter or exit sleep mode.
BTW, you can use this software command to put device enter suspend. $ sudo systemctl suspend

Hi JerryChang,

Thanks for your help. The Product Design Guide was very useful. Using that document, the Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide and the P3449-B01 schematics, I’ve traced the Sleep/Wake pin (240) back to the automation header which I believe is the 12-pin connector, J50 pin 12, on the carrier board.

If the board is awake and I pulse this pin low, the GNOME desktop pops up a dialog with shutdown/sleep options and after a timeout will shut the board down.

If the board is awake and I hold this pin low, the board enters it’s shutdown sequence.

If the board is asleep (suspended) and I pulse this pin low, the board wakes.

If the board has been shutdown and I pulse this pin low (with the auto power on disable link in place), the board powers up.

In our case, the User won’t have access to the desktop or a terminal window so I’m trying to mechanism where short button press will make it sleep (suspend) and a long button press will cause a shutdown.

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hello GavinThorn,

please check the kernel driver,

there’re three different options available for pressing button for 1-sec, 3-sec and 5-sec,
for example,

        gpio-timed-keys {
                compatible = "gpio-timed-keys";
                power {
                        linux,press-time-secs = <1 3 5>;
                        linux,key-codes = <KEY_DOWN KEY_DISPLAYTOGGLE KEY_ENTER>;
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Hi JerryChang,

That looks very promising, thank you :-)

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