Jetson Nano Does Not Autostart Without Unplugging and Replugging DC Jack


I am trying to build a robot with the Jetson Nano and I’m using a battery ->5 V buck converter -> DC Jack plug.
The nano works perfectly when I plug in the jack, but after shutting down, and disconnecting power, I cannot boot after reconnecting power (open/close the switch from battery -> 5 V buck).

The Jetson will only boot after I remove the Jack and insert it back in. This came as quite a shock for me. Is this expected from the Nano?
Is there a way to have the Nano auto boot as soon as power is connected kinda like the raspberry pi?

similar experience. Suspect the residual capacitance need to be drained out to reduce the voltage to below certain threshold to re-turn on the unit.

this is what I would do:
move the on/off switch to between 5V buck converter and DC Jack plug.

I hope it helps.

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Thanks, I will try it. I still have to have a main switch maybe I’ll do two switches.