Current Capacity of GPIO Output for Jetson Nano

Hi guys,

Does anyone know the current output capacity of the Jetson Nano?

For my system, I need :
- 4x 1mA to power the base of 4x 2N2222A transitors with control the coil of a relay.
- 2x 0.1 mA to power also 2 2N2222A transistors for supply two LEDs.

The LEDs work properly but not the relay.

I think the GPIO haven’t the capacity to provide a sufficient amount of current…
And my command relay works ;) in case of doublt (I test with the pin 1 of the GPIO).

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P.S: Attachement -> schematic of the command relay

I found this post :

I didn’t really understand how to set the Jetson to get 2mA.

I read the documentation : “OEM PRODUCT DESIGN GUIDE NVIDIA Jetson TX2” and at point 13.5 page 71, you could find the specifications based on “Pad”.

What is this Pad and how can I use an 3.3V ± 2mA??

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