Jetson AGX Xavier - Max GPIO Current

Hi all,

I’m a bit confused regarding the “NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Developer Kit Carrier
Board” documentation that I found online. In this documentation, it is stated that a typical GPIO output pin, such as pin 32, can only handle 1mA (table 18, p29).

When I do some calculations using the LED Resistor Calculator, I’m coming to the conclusion that I would need a resistor of at least 1.6KΩ (1600Ω) for a tiny LED with a voltage drop of 2V? This is quite a high resistor and I’m wondering if the LED will even light up with this resistor. Are these calculations correct, or can the Jetson AGX Xavier handle more current than 1mA?

I’m especially confused because I saw tutorials online where they attach a LED to a GPIO pin of a Jetson Nano using only a resistor of 220Ω, without any trouble. I checked the documentation of the Nano, and the port they used in the tutorial is even listed as max 20uA.

Am I misinterpreting the values of 1mA and 20uA that are listed in the docs?

Thanks in advance!

Please refer to this topic for the pin output capability of 40-pin header: Carrier output current 20uA