Jetson Nano GPIO output voltage and current


I faced the problem and want to clarify the information about Jetson nano developer kit GPIO. As it said in the documentation the output from the Jetson GPIO is 1,8v ( CMOS – 1.8V [ST] from Jetson Nano Data Sheet page 17). However, in that tutorial ( ), it is said that the output is 3.3V.

I want to clarify that information because I can’t switch relay by using Jetson Nano GPIO. I think it is because of the luck of the current.

I want to know exactly what is the output voltage and output current from Jetson Nano GPIO J41.

Also, I have noticed that some GPIO pins output 3.3V but other 1.8V.

Could you provide the information about it, because the info from the documentation is unclear.

Thank you in advance!

GPIO is very low current. You will always need a buffer or driver for anything which has significant current draw. It is possible to damage the unit if you use an unbuffered relay (which is more or less the same as a short for something not meant to provide higher current, and it gets much worse if this is an inductive load).

@linuxdev Do you now exactly what is the output voltage and current from Jetson Nano GPIO?

I have not looked at it on the Nano, but the other Jetsons have a level shifter taking the module from 1.8V to 3.3V (so 3.3V on the external header). Some 3.3V i/o has an optional 1.8V setting via a jumper, but I do not know for the Nano. Regardless, the available current is so low you could never drive anything other than a buffer of some sort. Someone else may be able to verify 3.3V i/o for the Nano’s GPIO to external headers.