Output Current of Pins

Hello, I want to know what the output current is for Jetson Nano pins. I read here before that it’s from 1 to 2mA, but when I measured it today using an avometer, it was 0.1mA!

Which pin do you mean? And how did you do the measurement?

Any GPIO Pin and PWM, I measured it using avometer, i attached it to the pin and the gnd and configured the gpio as output and changed its state to high then i measured its current

Assume you are talking about the pins of 40-pin header, please refer to this doc for the pin capability since there is a level shift between module pins and header pins. Jetson Nano Developer Kit 40-Pin Expansion Header GPIO Usage Considerations Applications Note

Yes, I’m talking about 40 pins header, but this will shift the voltage and im talking about the current of the pins is too small

The current is limited by the level shift too.

Why it’s connected to 1.8V, the pins output voltage is 3.3V, i think it should be connected to 3.3V as input and 5V as output

What do you mean? The level of module pins is 1.8V.

Ok i guess i misunderstood you, the level shifter is already inside the dev kit ? So i should get 3.3V out from the 40 pin headers, is it true ?

I understood you, but when i rechecked the doc, I didn’t find anything about the output current for the GPIOs or pins of 40 pin header

Can i use a logic level shifter to shift the 3.3V from the pin header to 5V ?


It needs you to estimate. It is ok in theory.

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