I have jetson_clocks script in place and what to let TX2 to run at top processing speed. During testing, I found for most TX2, it can reach top speed in 90 seconds as promised, after running jetson_clocks. But for few it takes 3-5 minutes to reach top speed. does anyone know what factor can lead to to delay?

Thank you very very much!

Chenxuan Cui

How do you know tegra processor is on “top speed”?

sudo ./jetson_clocks --show

Did you run “sudo nvpmodel -m 0” prior to the show? FYI, only sets the max speed for the current performance model. Unless you first went to the max performance model (the “-m 0” model), then you might be maxed out for a model intended for some sort of energy savings.


So you found one device need to take 3~5 min to reach top cpu/gpu frequency?

Doe it affect any of your app’s performance?