Jetson decoder output, YUV 2 RGB

Dear my friends,

Now we using Jetson Xaver NX to decode 16 rtsp streams into images, and then use for CV models inference.

We use jetson l4t decoder as Nvidia sample code, and the output image fomat is YUV.

Then we use OpenCV to change YUV 2 RGB, and the images could be used by the CV models.

We decode 16 1080p 25fps rtsp steams, , and the YUV 2 RGB consume so much CPU resource.

Pls kindly help and give some suggest that l4t decoder could output RGB format images.

Thx a lot !

BGR/RGB formats are not supported by the hardware converter, so you would need to use software converter. Please execute sudo nvpmodel -m 2 and sudo jetson_clocks to get maximum throughput of CPU cores.

Thx a lot!

The CPU costs too much! We will try the CUDA converter.

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