Jetson.GPIO problems

Hello there,

I installed the Jetson.GPIO python library on my Jetson Nano following the guide with pip. I completed all steps, including the creation of the gpio group and adding the 99-gpio.rules file to the rules.d-directory. Still, when I try to use it, it does not work so well.
First of all, if I import it, it says:

WARNING: Carrier board is not from a Jetson Developer Kit.
WARNNIG: Jetson.GPIO library has not been verified with this carrier board,
WARNING: and in fact is unlikely to work correctly.

Which is weird, because, as I said, I use a Jetson Nano. Then I tested it with a simple script using my HC-SR04 sensor connected to the board. I received following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 48, in <module>
    abstand = distanz()
  File "", line 29, in distanz
    GPIO.wait_for_edge(GPIO_ECHO. GPIO.RISING)
AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'GPIO'

If I try to use while-loops instead, it does not give any output at all which means the echo-signal never arrives which means that the GPIO does not work correctly (because my sensor is perfectly intact).

So any ideas what went wrong on the installation and how to get things to work?

Thanks for the help in advance!

hello nemestomi2,

may I know did you working with customize carrier board with Nano?
or, did you already had pinmux customization to update the board?


thanks for the reply. No, I don’t use any sort of customized carrier board, I’m working on a standard Jetson Nano Developer Kit which I freshly booted up the first time not long ago. That’s why the problem looks so weird to me.
May I ask what a “Pinmux Customization” is and how it can help me to get things working? Do I have to update/modify my board in any way?

Hi nemestomi2,

We can’t reproduce your issue on Nano devkit.
Confirmed following Jetson.GPIO steps with JetPack-4.2.2 on Jetson-Nano, it’s working.
What’s JetPack version are you using?


I am not sure because I did not find any definitive guide to check the version, but I think it is Jetpack-4.2.x as I do not have a /etc/nv_tegra_release directory. Given I have an earlier version of JetPack: What would be the steps necessary to fix it?
And would it help to try installing Jetson.GPIO with the manual

hello nemestomi2,

I do not have a /etc/nv_tegra_release directory.

this directory for release information should be exist for JetPack release.
could you please reinstall JetPack for the latest image.


Thanks for the advice, may I ask how to reinstall it? On the site you linked, there is only an SD card image for the Jetson Nano devkit. Given that I have my regular OS with all my data running on an SD card already, how can I reinstall JetPack?

Hi nemestomi2,

Please download SDKManager and run it on your host machine (support 160.4 and 18.04 ubuntu), then execute the sdkmanager to Flash OS and install sdk components.

Reference link:

Hello, I am getting the same warning. What is the difference between a “carrier board” and a “module.”

I flashed image using the newest version of jetpack.

I did some further digging as to why I got this error message.

Here’s what I found:

On my machine the warning is happening due to line 338 of this file:

It’s searching for files that begin with 3448, which it finds. But then it searches for files that start with 3449 which it doesn’t find, so it gives warning.

I’m not sure the logic behind this warning and this checking of ‘3448’ and ‘3449’

Could you please explain?