Jetson Linux TC358743 Driver on Jetson Orin Nano

Hello everyone,

I would like to try to get the TC358743 driver to run on the Jetson Orin Nano. I have already found instructions on the Internet on how to install the driver for an older version (TC358743 Jetson Nano driver and device tree · GitHub). However, the instructions for the older Jetson Nano device, in the current source files there is no longer the folder “Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/hardware/nvidia/platform/t210/porg/kernel-dts/”, so I’m not quite sure how to store the files so that the drivers are compiled. There are only the directories t19x, t23x and no longer t210.

Is there a solution to adapt the files so that I can use them with the latest Jetson Linux version & Jetson Orin Nano?

Otherwise, I followed the instructions below when creating the kernel and everything worked so far.

I’m grateful for every tip!

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Reference to below file to add tc358840 to your device tree.


If you were able to get it working, would you post the TC358743’s dtsi file(s)?

I am also working on getting it working on the Jetson Orin Nano, but am having difficulty porting the files from the GitHub page.

Regarding the ‘Jetson Nano driver and device tree’ .dtsi file - you need to change the
“vi_base: vi {” section to be modeled after the " tegra-capture-vi { " section (like in tegra194-camera-imx274-hdmi.dtsi). Also make sure to update your CAM0_PWDN and CAM_I2C_MUX values, as they have changed for Orin.

The Orin hardware is t23x (t194 was for Nano/Xavier) - try starting with this file (if you’re using Jetpack)
nvidia/platform/t23x/p3768/kernel-dts/cvb/tegra234-p3768-0000-a0.dtsi (and comment out the include for tegra234-p3768-camera-rbpcv2-imx219.dtsi )

Most of the time I just looked at how the imx219 or imx477 were set up or where their files were located as a starting point.

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