Jetson Nano 2GB vs. 4GB

I just purchased a jetson nano 2gb and tested the system using the face detection script from with a LI-IMX219-MIPI-FF-NANO-H136 camera. I noticed that there is some lag that happens when using the face detection script, I was wondering if upgrading to a 4gb nano will increase the speed of inference significantly and if there is a significant performance upgrade with a 4gb nano (other than more io ports).

Would appreciate some input, thanks.

May need to know if the face detection consume how many memory.
If the script didn’t need lots of memory I think there’s no improve for the 4G module.

In general, how do I check how much memory is used? This is just one application I was wondering if you will run into other issues using the jetson nano 2gb later on?

You can use Tegrastats Utility to monitor system status: