Jetson Nano and JetPack in commercial use


I would like to integrate Jetson Nano into commercial product that will be sold/rented. My main application is related to computer vision and libargus would be used to interface with CSI camera.

Can some confirm that licenses allows to use it this way?

Hi e-dul,

Jetson developer kits are not for production use. The developer kit is used to develop and test software in a pre-production environment.

Jetson modules are suitable for deployment in a production environment throughout their operating lifetime. Each Jetson module ships with no software pre-installed; you attach it to a carrier board designed or procured for your end product, and flash it with the software image you’ve developed.

Thank you @kayccc.

I understand that Jetson Nano carrier board for production should not be standard dev kit.

Just to clarify and double check, software like L4T-multimedia is allowed for commercial use?

Hi e-dul,

That shouldn’t be an issue, but please refer to our L4T Software License Agreement doc to get clear information:

If you don’t mind, I had a follow up Q.
If I understood correctly, regular Jetson Nano Module is spec’ed out for production usage. What about the Dev Kit B01 carrier board? In our case, Dev Kit board has everything we need. Does operating lifetime “spec” apply to the carrier board as well?
Thank you,

Hi a428tm,

The Jetson devkit (including module and carrier board) only provides 1 Year Warranty, and that’s not for production use, it’s used to develop and test software in a pre-production environment.
You need to create your own carrier boards, even it’s the same by following our design guide/spec to define your own product lifetime and warranty for your use case on commercial purpose .

Roger that!
Thank you for the clarification :D