Commecrial use of Jetson Nano

Where i can get the License Agreement doc to get clear information about commercial use of Jetson Nano?
I know about warranty information, but i need to make sure that my company can use the Jetson Nano in commercial development.

Hi mr.nikcet,

Your question is about “Jetson Nano” but then it sounds like a question about sw licensing. We sell modules with the express intent that people use them in products, so there’s not really any license involved. You buy it, own it, and use it.

As far as SW, the BSP license is available to read here:

Also, the license for all the other JetPack components is included when you download that component, e.g., via SDKM. You can review licenses there.



Can I understand that any changes to Ubuntu for jetson nano have nothing to worry about with the sw license?

Thank you.