Jetson Nano crashing - running yolo v3

My Jetson Nano is crashing whenever i am trying to run normal yolov3 model or trying to convert into tensorrt engine. Recorded tegrastats and journalctl while crashing. Help me to solve this problem if anyone encountered the same.

tengrastats -

latest_tegrastats.txt (19.4 KB)

journalctl -

Uploading: journalctl.txt…

Jetson Nano
Jetpack 4.6
torch 1.7
ram - 4gb
tensorrt 8.2

Dear @user71960,
Could you share the yolo model to reproduce?

Dear @user71960,
Could you please share the yolov3 ONNX model to reproduce the issue using trtexec?

refrence link to reproduce error -

  1. git clone GitHub - linghu8812/YOLOv3-TensorRT
  2. python3 --onnx_file yolov3.onnx --engine_file yolov3.trt

Dear @user71960,
we have yolov3 python sample(/usr/src/tensorrt/samples/python/yolov3_onnx) in TensorRT. Could you check if it helps in your use case?

Dear @user71960,
Does the yolov3 TensorRT sample helps?

No still stuck