Jetson Nano Developer Kit - GPIO Not Responsive (Voltage and Signal)


I set up a Nvidia Jetson Nano Development Kit with the latest version of Jet Pack, and modified the GPIO pins to use. However, Most of the pins (except for the five pins of SPI1) all do not behave as expected. Issue being their voltage reamains at around 1.6V regardless of high/ low command being sent to the port. They do go up to 3.3V/ 0V sometimes but it’s not stable (will drop back to 1.6V after some time). Most importantly, this behaviour also affects the PWM pins, hence I could not get the PWM signal out from the respective pins at all.

I would like to check whether is this a hardware issue of the board itself. Is this board defective? Asking this because the Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide stated that all the signal pins are using 3.3V for signal interfacing.

Please advice. Thank you.

Hi, how do you measure the voltage of pins? With a multi-meter directly or…? Is there any device attached to the pin when measuring? Can you share a photo of that? And what’s the dev kit version (you can get the s/n from the label on board)?

Hi Trumany, appreciate your reply.

I am currently measuring my voltage pins directly with a multi-meter. There isn’t any device attached to the GPIO pins when measuring, and I am powering the dev kit with barrel jack (12V, 2A supply). The sample PWM code I used to test the PWM pins are from the NVIDIA/jetson-gpio python libray (

The s/n of the board is 1423219102661.

Thank you.


Please describe more about your case. Does even GPIO not work? or you are working on SFIO?


Yes, even the GPIO is not working on 35 out of 40 GPIO pins. Exception being the 5 pins that can be used for SPI1 (see the screenshot extraction from the PinMux Table below), they can output the signal as per normal with the correct voltage (3.3V).

I had also tried to use SFIO function (PWM) for two of the pins (GPIO07 and GPIO13), but both of them do not work as well.


Let’s start from the basic GPIO. How did you enable this pin to output?

Could you share your method?


As I shared previously, I am using this library here ( to enable the pins for output. Basically I just cloned the repo and ran the sample code (,, and it output as intended on the 5 pins, but not on the other 35 pins.

Could you try with the native Linux GPIO framework? Please note that pin# and # are a variable depends on which pin you want to use.

echo pin# > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio#/direction
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio#/value
check the output value from the pin