Jetson Nano emmc module that does not flash

Hello I have at my disposal a Jetson Nano emmc 4GB module, which refuses any attempt to flash: Flash
error log output:

Welcome to Tegra Flash
version 1.0.0
Type ? or help for help and q or quit to exit
Use ! to execute system commands
[   0.0008 ] Generating RCM messages
[   0.0027 ] tegrarcm --instance 1-3 --listrcm rcm_list.xml --chip 0x21 0 --download rcm nvtboot_recovery.bin 0 0
[   0.0034 ] RCM 0 is saved as rcm_0.rcm
[   0.0037 ] RCM 1 is saved as rcm_1.rcm
[   0.0037 ] List of rcm files are saved in rcm_list.xml
[   0.0037 ] 
[   0.0037 ] Signing RCM messages
[   0.0056 ] tegrasign --key None --list rcm_list.xml --pubkeyhash pub_key.key
[   0.0062 ] Assuming zero filled SBK key
[   0.0098 ] 
[   0.0098 ] Copying signature to RCM mesages
[   0.0116 ] tegrarcm --instance 1-3 --chip 0x21 0 --updatesig rcm_list_signed.xml
[   0.0126 ] 
[   0.0126 ] Boot Rom communication
[   0.0145 ] tegrarcm --instance 1-3 --chip 0x21 0 --rcm rcm_list_signed.xml --skipuid
[   0.0152 ] RCM version 0X13
[   0.0843 ] Boot Rom communication failed
[   0.0844 ] 
Error: Return value 3
Command tegrarcm --instance 1-3 --chip 0x21 0 --rcm rcm_list_signed.xml --skipuid
ERR: could not retrieve EEPROM board information
Removing temp directory /tmp/tmp.mcJ84qNyLR

I know that on this module fuses have been burned. (public_key_hash and odm_production_mode).
I was wondering if my flash failure could be related to the burnt fuses?
Is it possible to reflash a module with firmware that is not signed? in this case I understand that the start cannot be done, but is the reflash possible?

In my case, is it possible that the access to the EEPROM board information is corrupted? EEPROM HS or other?

Thank you for your response.


Paul Goulpie

Hi utilisateur3341,

The flash error logs showed that some board information in EEPROM is missing. Did you use I2C command to modify data in EEPROM?

Are you using the devkit or custom board?
Does your board could boot up before?

Please also provide the serial console log for further check.

Hello KevinFFF,

Thank you for your reply,


I use the devkit.

Yes it had started before.

I have absolutely nothing displayed on the debug uart.

What would interest me to know is especially if a module with burnt fuses can refuse to be flashed?

Re Hello everyone,

Little message to inform you that I have unblocked the situation.
As mentioned earlier the Jetson Nano emmc 4GB module I was trying to flash has the public_key_hash and odm_production_mode fuses burned.
I was trying to flash the module with an unsigned image. which produced the flashing failure.
I redid the manipulation with a signed image (correctly signed), there the flash and the start of the module works.

I think it can be concluded that fuses have the ability to block a flash.

Thanking you,

Paul Goulpie

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