Jetson nano encoding live streaming simultaneously

Hi All,

I am planning to design 4 MIPI camera-based carrier boards for jetson nano 2GB.
My plan is to capture the live stream from 4 RAW10 1080/720p MIPI camera and do the h264/h265 encoding simultaneously and store it.

below is pipeline
4 mipi camera live stream → h264/h265 Encoding → save in sd card

jeston nano encoder is powerful enough to do this job simultaneously? any benchmark available of CPU and power consumption?


We would suggest use Nano 4GB. Nano 2GB may not work for this use-case.

You may consider camera module for our partner. Please check
Jetson Ecosystem | NVIDIA Developer

Hi, DaneLLL,

Thanks for the information. what about the HW encoder? will it be able to encode 4 streams simultaneously? what would be the CPU and power consumption?


RAW10 will be de-bayered to YUV420 and 4x 1080p30 encoding should be supported. For power consumption, there is no existing data and you would need to run it and profile. It is more accurate to profile with hardware instuments. From software, you can get rough data about current and voltage in sudo tegrastats.

Please also check power management in developer guide

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