Jetson nano failed to boost due to 'GPIO extension board (raspberry pi)'

I wanted the GPIO of Jetson nano(B01) more convenient to use by applying GPIO extension board, luckily or unluckily I had the GPIO extension board of raspberry pi, so I applied it to Jetson nano. The screen became black immediately, also Jetson nano cannot boost anymore. Just try to understand if there is any solution to repair Jetson nano now?
After comparing the GPIO layouts between Jetson nano and raspberry pi, I guess it was damaged by shared GND pins of raspberry’s GPIO extension board. As results, “5V” pin connects to pin->7,11,16,21,27,32,35
more details in the following picture

You can use a debug console to figure out what’s wrong.
Jetson Nano Style - Serial Console - JetsonHacks.

But limited info appeared on the command,

Very weird outputs.
Did you use [J50] pins under the Nano module?

this is how I connected to J50

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