Jetson NANO flash image

  1. Now I know flash NANO image need use outside flash micro SD, Then put to NANO CPU module boot, so can you flash image from other, E.g : USB, Ethernet…
  2. Whether NANO CPU on-module Micro-SD is (SDMMC4)? In socket SDMMC3 is 1.8V level, If through level-sheet to 3.3V level can support SD-card functions? Support bootable OS?

Thanks, help this.

Hi, until now only micro SD card flash way is released, please follow that. It is SDMMC1 for Micro-SD card on module. SDMMC3 is used as SDIO, SD Card functionality is not supported on it.

Hi Trumany, according to the Jetson Nano Product Design Guide (release date JUN 7,2019) on page 36. The figure 20 shows a SD Card connection example. It made me confused the SD Card functionality supportability. Could you please double confirm the configuration? Also, are the SDMMC I/O tolerant of 3.3V level? As the latest datasheet shows the SD/SDIO Card supported voltages are 1.8/3.3 on page 30.

Yes, as latest guide said, SD card is supported on SDMMC3 port now. It is 1.8v/3.3v tolerant.


There is no information about whether you need a voltage translator for SD3.0 which requires 3.3V signaling levels initially and needs to switch over to 1.8V signalling for UHS-I higher speed modes.

Anyone have any information on this?


There is a 3.3V load switch mentioned in OEM DG. The IO voltage will be auto switched accordingly after initialization.