Simultaneous use of EMMC AND Micro SD

We want Design a Develope Board for Jetson Nano Modoule,
I want to Flash OS and Kernel on EMMC and Record, Camera video File on micro-SD!!

Can micro SD and emmc be used simultaneously?
In Jetson Modoule,Aren’t the two in common?

No PCB File for Jetson Nano Development Board ??

Thank you for your guidance,

Hi hhami.2040,

The micro SD and emmc images are different, they can’t be used simultaneously.
Regarding the PCB filed, it will be published soon, please stay tuned.


Hi kayccc,
I mean, electrically,
Is it possible to have both Micro and EMMC in the Jetson Nano Modoule?
Are there two MMC Electrically ports on the Core board?
One for MMC and one for MicroSD!!

If dont exisit two MMC Electrically port,
Is it possible to somehow add SATA to the Jetson Nano?
Are there M.2 Key E adapters or is it possible to use the PCI Express lanes?
Thank you for your guidance,

Jetson Nano uses one SDMMC interface for on-module eMMC (SDMMC4 on Tegra) and brings one to the connector pins for SD Card or SDIO use, please check Design Guide for detail info.

Dear Sir,

We have the similar question for SDcard application.

  1. Has possible release nano module that both exist SD card connector and eMMC?
    Because SD/SDIO support 1.8/3.3V on the Nano datasheet.And Product Design Guide only support 1.8V.

On the Jetson Nano Block Diagram (Fig1.,Nano Product Design Guide),the eMMC and SD Card/SDIO is exist, separately.
2. Refer the Product Design Guide, SD Card functionality is not supported on this interface as it has a fixed 1.8V supply.
if we have the voltage-translation IC (3.3V to 1.8V) on carrier board, SD Card functionality will be supported with Nano?

We are looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

SDCARD is supported, 3.3V/1.8V is supported, that’s a doc issue to fix to 1.8V in DG, it will be corrected in the future.

Dear Trumany,

That’s good news. Thanks for your response.

Dear Trumany,

I design the carrier board with SDMMC,refer to Jetson Nano Product Design Guide,but it doesn’t be Identified,how to used it?

Thank you for your guidance

I am not so clear about your question. Do you mean the board is ready and SD card can’t be detected? Or you just concern your design is not OK even follow Design Guide?