How to use emmc on developer kit?

I have a developer kit, and I weld an emmc on it recently.But it can’t find emmc.
When use ‘fdisk -l’ command, it shows that there only :
ram0 - ram 15, oop0 mtdblock0, mmcblk0(SD Card), zram0 - zram3

Hi 1058089431,

There is no eMMC on current devkit, and you could use a large size SD card.
Please refer to Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit

I know, so I weld one.

Hi 1058089431,

Which document you refer to to weld the eMMC on devkit?
In this picture. There is obviously an EMMC near microSD。

And Jetson_Nano_Product_Design_Guide page36 says that

Jetson Nano uses one SDMMC interface for on-module eMMC (SDMMC4 on Tegra) and brings one to the connector pins for SD Card or SDIO use.

Did I get it wrong? I think it means emmc interface is not the same path with microSD.

In device tree(tegra210-3448-000x-3449-0000-xx.dtb), sdhci@700b0600 is for mmc. sdhci@700b0000 is for microSD.


Hi junxing.liang,

Please write your question in English. I think I already told this to you before.