Nano Modules did not come with SD card receptacle


I received an order of Jetson Nano Modules. While inspecting them, I found out the Modules don’t have a SD card receptacle unlike the DevKit Nano Modules. The solder pads are available for one, but just didn’t come with it mounted. Is this standard? Also, I’d like to solder on the correct SD card receptacle onto the board. Do you have the manufacturer part number that matches the footprint you guys used?

Thank you

Hi ddodge, the commercial Jetson Nano modules use onboard eMMC storage, and not SD card as per the module specifications.

The SDMMC interface is routed to the eMMC on the commercial module as opposed to the SD card pads. However if desired, you could use/develop an alternative carrier that implemented SD card slot on the carrier with the second SDMMC interface from the main Nano connector. For more info, please refer to this thread: