SD-Card slot on DevKit and in Mass Production Modules different?

I’m not sure if I understand the docs correctly:
On the Jetson Nano DevKit the SDCard slot is mounted on the JEtson Nano module itself.
But if I would buy the module in mass production to plug it into my custom specific carrier board I interpret the datasheet in a way, that I have to integrate the SD Card slot separatly on the CarrierBoard. Is this correct?

Modules do not need an SD card since they have internal eMMC. Dev kits must have an SD card because they do not have internal eMMC. The differences imply dev kit carrier boards may not be compatible with commercial modules, and that the commercial module will require a slightly different carrier board. You could add an SD card slot to a custom carrier board for the commercial module, but it wouldn’t necessarily be used for boot; in the case of actually using such an SD card slot on a commercial module for boot the software used for boot would need to be modified.

I don’t design carrier boards so I couldn’t provide any details as to what the specific differences are.