Booting from SD card

Hi, i have a Jetson Nano J101 V2 board and i’m finding it hard to make it boot from the SD card.

Originally, this SD card was in a B01 board and i want to use the same native Ubuntu OS image in J101 Board.

What will be the correct procedure/method to do this ?

Thanks in advance.

Is the sdcard slot on J101 carrier board itself or it is on the module?

Yes, It’s in the carrier Board

Then please contact the board vendor for help.

I just explained same thing in this post few mins ago.


Sorry that I just read your reply again. And I don’t know what you are talking about.

We don’t have anything called “carrier module”.
The module and carrier board are two different things. Please do understand what I am asking first. And reply…

Your answer could only be either “carrier board” or “module”. There is no something called “carrier module”…

Sorry, my bad. It is the board. Thanks for the info.

Ok. Then please contact the board vendor.

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(the J101 is a third party carrier board model)

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