SDKManager - Board Type diffrance


I was wandering what is the difference in the installed content when I select jetson Nano/NX Devkit or if I select Jetson Nano/NX (without DEVKIT) when I am installing the SDK using SDKManager 1.7.0

What will be the difference in the installed content ?
What should I choose ? DEVKIT or not ?

Dev kits do not have eMMC memory, and instead use an SD card plus QSPI memory. These are sold with dev kit carrier boards. The non-dev kit uses eMMC memory and does not use either an SD card or QSPI, plus requires a third party carrier board. If you have a unit which uses an SD card for boot, then you have a dev kit; if you have a unit which came without a carrier board, and a carrier board from some third party manufacturer, then you have the eMMC model (in which case you would use the board support package from the manufacturer for flash, and this in turn is a modified dev kit BSP…modified mainly via the device tree to support the other carrier board).

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