Question about NVIDIA Jetson Nano Dev Kit vs Jetson Nano Module

Hi NVIDIA team and everyone,

My name is Jae. I am getting started on Jetson Nano Dev Kit. And learning a lot while doing so. One question I had is difference between Dev Kit Module and regular Jetson Nano Module. Other than the fact that one uses SDK and the other doesn’t (

Is there a hardware difference (dev kit module doesn’t have internal storage)?


Jetson Nano Module is a SoM. Jetson Nano Dev Kit is a package of SoM and Carrier Board which provides multiple interfaces like HDMI, Ethernet, etc. For beginners, a Jetson Nano Dev Kit should be enough. But if you want to customize your carrier board, like you want some extra Camera interfaces or an onboard motor driver, you can place order on Nvidia partners like Seeedstudio. So you can customize your jetson nano for your own project.


Right. Thanks for that explanation. It makes sense; however, as far as performance goes, Regular Nano Module or the one that is already on Nano Dev Kit is the same, is that right? Or… what I meant to say is. It seems that way???

You are right. According to the datasheet, the two modules are identical. I think jetson nano dev kit is a promotion bundle to encourage more developers to join the community.

I missed few things. Main computing power seems to be same, but Nano Module seems to have onboard 16G storage. Maybe it will boost the performance a little? Also, if many cameras are used and one Nano can be used, maybe regular Nano Module is the way to go (based on what I understood about the camera section). I wish the differentiation was a bit more clear… :/

I don’t think storage will affect camera performance. Actually, if you remove your jetson nano core module, you’ll see a M.2 slot on the carrier board. You can expand your storage with SSD through that slot.

Got it. I wonder if adding SSD using M2 slot would allow us to use SDK rather than SD image.

I am curious to see if NVIDIA team has any input on this, too.


the answer!

Hi a428tm,

If you want to use M.2 SSD, you need flash image on SSD and install sdk components on SSD.
But for flash, you need follow this topic steps to flash on external device.
Then using sdkmanager to install sdk components.

Great. Thanks for sharing the video. I’m currently working on jetson nano cluster. This is quite helpful.


sounds fun! I also found this. My understanding is that performance-wise. No different.
But more of logistics stuff I guess. Hope this helps!

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