eMMC vs SD Card

My understanding is that the Jetson Nano SoM on the development board uses an SD card for non-volatile memory and the standalone production version of the Jetson Nano SoM uses eMMC. Are there truly 2 different PWBs for the SoM or are they populated differently just depending on the use?

Am I understanding this correctly?

Hi gregory.s.silver,

The Jetson Nano module is for people designing a product, along with collateral necessary to create form-factor and use-case specific carrier boards, the difference on the module are the boot strip related changes, but the production module deployment with specified operating lifetime, not sure if some parts changed for the lifetime requirement. Is there any concern on your product development?


We are designing a product with the Jetson Nano module. My concern is that if we develop a custom carrier board and software using the Jetson Nano module off of the development board, will there be any surprises. Specifically, some items that come to mind are:

  1. Is the pinout on the 260 pin SO-DIMM connector and physical interface to the carrier board the same on the production version of the module?

  2. Since the development and production module differ in at least SD card vs. eMMC, there is obviously a “skyline” difference between the two modules. What are the differences? (perhaps a 3-D model of one versus the other would be helpful)

  3. Will there be a significant change in the software necessary besides booting from eMMC vs an SD card?

Any other considerations?

Thanks for your help!

All Jetson Nano collateral (e.g., data sheet, product design guide) are aligned with production module. See those documents for pinout.

There is a 3D CAD STEP model for B01 module (production module) and for A02 developer kit (including module) on Jetson download center.