JETSON NANO. How can I downgrade CUDA version from 10.2 to 10.0?


I am kind of new in this world,
I am trying to install Tensorflow in my Jetson nano, problem is that CUDA version installed is 10.2 but when I try to run TF I got next error:

import error: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

How can I downgrade my CUDA version?

In case you need more info about my problem please let me know :)


To downgrade CUDA 10.0, you will need to reflash the device with the corresponding JetPack version.
For version 10.0, it should be JetPack4.3 or lower.

However, we recommends to use a TensorFlow package that supports CUDA 10.2 instead.
If you are using JetPack4.4 GA, you can use v2.2.0+nv20.6 or v1.15.2+nv20.6 for compatibility.