Jetson Nano MAC Address


The Jetson Nano Product Design Guide Rev 2.1 paragraph 3.4 states that “The Jetson Nano Developer Kit carrier board features that should not be copied as they are not required or useful for a custom carrier board design. The ID EEPROM (P3449 - U11) is a feature that is used for NVIDIA internal purposes, but not useful on a custom design. A similar function may be desired for a custom design, but the NVIDIA software will not interact with these devices and the I2C address used by the developer kit carrier board ID EEPROM on the I2C2 interface (7’h57) should be avoided”.

How is the Jetson Nano MAC address determined if the EEPROM (U11) referenced above is not copied to a custom carrier?



We have a eeprom that is on module but not on carrier board. Thus, no matter which carrier board is in use, we can always have mac address from eeprom.

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