EEPROM use on the Jetson Nano

I’m trying to develope a custom carrier board for the jetson nano. However, I don’t completely understand the use of the EEPROM. I know that Information like the MAC adress can be saved. But what is the purpose? For swapping jetsons easier? Is the eeprom mandatory for correct functionality of the jetson?


Some values should be specific and unique for each jetson. In that case, the module eeprom should save those info.

For example, mac address should not be same. And UUID for each module should be unique too.

Is the eeprom mandatory for correct functionality of the jetson?

Yes, it is mandatory. If you don’t have any need for those values inside eeprom, I don’t suggest to change anything arbitrarily.

Thanks for your reply. Another question, does it have to be written before inserting the jetson in the carrier board? Or is it initialized each time booting?

No, the factory flashes eeprom before shipping.

So no need to do anything in this part.

Ok so for my custom carrier board I need to flash it? How is this done on the jetson nano developer kit carrier board. I do not see I2C2 connections except directly to the jetson module.


I don’t get what do you want to ask here. Do you mean you don’t see i2c2 connect in schematic?

You just need to make sure your carrier board is able to access eeprom module through i2c2. As I said in previous comment, you shall not modify the value inside eeprom.