The purpose of EEPROMs

There are two EEPROMs designed for Jetson. Need clarification on EEPROM on i2c1
What the purpose of the carrier board EEPROM? Where is its location?
Can I use it for customization purposes? Such as design my own layout for store data? Thank you!

The eeprom only exists on devkit. Are you saying that you want to add one eeprom to your custom board?

Hi Wayne,

No, I don’t want to add more EEPROM if there are already on the carrier board.
Because I see there are two EEPROM address 0x50 and 0x57 on i2c0. And this post says

[quote=“WayneWWW, post:2, topic:161680”]
The i2c0 0x50 is the module eeprom and i2c0 0x57 is the carrier board eeprom
[/quote] in the Need clarification on EEPROM on i2c1
So, may I use the EEPROM of the carrier board for my custom purpose? That mean can I configure the data in EEPROM of the carrier board arbitrarily?

To clarify, please let me know where the location they are actually? Both are on devkit? I originally guess they are on SoM and carrier board respectively.

Thank you!

I don’t quite understand what is “location” you want to know here…

  1. The module eeprom has some preserved field that you can use. But you must be very careful about this because if you forget to update the checksum in the last field. You r board will not be able to flash.

You can refer to this document for the layout.

  1. As for carrier board eeprom, this is for NVIDIA specific use, so I don’t suggest to modify the value on it.

Hi Wayne,

If we will custom the carrier board for Xavier NX, then we must keep the carrier board EEPROM on it?
And for custom purposes, we must add one more EEPROM to store my own data, right?

From the normal functionality, you don’t really need the carrier board eeprom on your custom board.

But if you want to use if for your own purpose, then you can add it.

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