EEPROM layout

Hello, I have a question about EEPROM layout.

I envision the development of a single carrier board that can replace both Jetson TX2 NX and Jetson Xavier NX.
Does the EEPROM on the carrier board need to be rewritten for each Jetson Module installed?
Jetson Module Recognition that it is necessary to match the Jetson Module with the 20-49Bytes Product Part Number of the EEPROM Layout.

If the above recognition is correct, is there a way to standardize the carrier board without rewriting the EEPROM?
(・For example, Prepare a 4Kb EEPROM to have both Jetson TX2 NX and Jetson Xavier NX data and switch the read address.
・Prepare 2Kb EEPROM x2 and have both Jetson TX2 NX and Jetson Xavier NX data to switch access EEPROM, etc.)

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No. custom board eeprom is not needed. Only the module eeprom is required.

Thank you for reply, is EEPROM pre-installed in the TX2NX, NX module?

Yes, it is on every module.

Thank you. In addition, I have the following questions:

Q1. When mounting the EEPROM on the carrier board as a spare, 0x57 is for the development kit only, and 0x50 is the address of the EEPROM inside the Module, so should I specify the spare EEPROM address as one of 0x51 to 0x56?

Q2. Can I use MicroSD if I insert the TX2NX module into the Xavier NX Development Kit?

For Q1: There is no device on these address.

For Q2: You cannot use it because there is no sdcard slot exists on both things you mentioned. TX2NX has no sdcard slot and NX devkit does not have sdcard slot either…

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