EEPROM write and read on Jetson TX2


I would like to know how many times can i write data and read data from jetson TX2’s EEPROM? Do i have any limit for writng and reading ? If i have, could you please tell me number of it?

I have datas which are about sensor settings. I would like to write them in EEPROM. When i turn on Jetson TX2, the software should read all settings from EEPROM. Is it possible? if it is possible, could you give me some advices how can i do it?

Best Regards.

Hi, the eeprom on carrier board is AT24C02D-MAHM-T from Atmel, you can contact vendor or check its datasheet for the character. Of course you can write custom data into it and read back when turn on TX2. Please check this topic for more info, also you can search other topics related to eeprom in forum.