On-module EEPROM (I2C-PM BUS)

Hi nvidia,

We’d like to know what type of eeprom you have on the TX1 I2C-PM bus.

We’d also like to know if there’s a safe page in this eeprom where we can write our own production data.
(we forgot to put an eeprom on our carrier board so the on-module eeprom seems like a good place)

We are talking about nothing more than 64-200 bytes of data we need to store so I’m hoping there’s a free page in the eeprom we can use?


Hi LasseRoedtnes,

Please refer to our EEPROM layout. We have some reserved fiedl.

Hi @WayneWWW,

I have seen the eeprom layout document but I’m wondering what type of EEPROM you have on the board?

(I’d like to know the equvivalent part number so i can look up a datasheet and see how to do byte write and how many pages it has etc…)


Hi, it is same as that on carrier board, P/N is AT24C02D-MAHM-T, address is 7’h50.