Custom board without eeprom

Hi, we’re using custom board for jetson-nano-emmc module. All works pretty fine we have small issue that on our board eeprom is not mounted and then we see something like:
[0010.583] no eeprom position or read error
152 [0010.519] eeprom_get_mac: EEPROM invalid MAC address (all 0xff)
153 [0010.525] shim_eeprom_update_mac:267: Failed to update 0 MAC address in DTB
154 [0010.533] eeprom_get_mac: EEPROM invalid MAC address (all 0xff)
155 [0010.539] shim_eeprom_update_mac:267: Failed to update 1 MAC address in DTB

in all layers (cboot, kernel, …). Question is is external eeprom mandatory (like used one on devkit) or can we drop it completely? Thanks.

hello marek.belisko,

please refer to Board Configuration session. there’re SOM and carrier board, each has an EEPROM where the board ID saved. An EEPROM ID for your custom board is not required.