Jetson nano not booting

I have do cnn classification in jetson nano dev kit 4GB with robot arm ros.
i success install tensorflow==2.3.1 and i try

model = tf.keras.Sequential([
tf.keras.layers.Dense(num_class,activation='softmax',activity_regularizer = tf.keras.regularizers.l1(0.04))

but it not working and error
‘OOM when allocating tensor with shape and type float’
so I recofnize its memory storage problem.
then I try memory swap
code is this

git clone
cd installSwapfile

So message is
‘Modifying /etc/fstab to enable on boot
Swap file has been created
Reboot to make sure changes are in effect’

then i finial texting
‘sudo reboot’
after that jetson nano not booting…

What’s the problem??


Could you try if you can turn on the Nano manually?

More, please noted that swap memory cannot be accessed via GPU.
So for inference which is usually running on GPU mode, the available memory won’t benif from this.