Jetson nano can't run the jupyter lab like topic, when ever I try to run the model block in jupyter lab, putty crashes. tried mobax, changed the internet also, nothing help.

Hi @qfur890416, did you mount extra swap memory and disable ZRAM per the DLI course instructions?

Can you keep an eye on the memory usage by running sudo tegrastats in a separate terminal? If you are low on memory, you can also run sudo systemctl set-default and reboot.

after set-default

I have one 2060 in my computer, is it possible for me run on PC?

This time it broke after model finished

Hi @qfur890416, from your tegrastats output, it doesn’t appear that you have swap memory mounted. Please follow these directions to mount swap:

Also, your idle memory usage appears to be a bit high. Please make sure that you have the desktop shutdown by running the following command and then rebooting your board:

sudo systemctl set-default