No Jupyter Notebook connection available / sd-blob-b01 image


I have installed the sd-blob-b01 image, but I cannot establish a connection to Jupyterlab
like it is described in the tutorial (
Not on the localhost and not via WLAN (ip-address:8888) - ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

“apt list --installed” shows that jupyter isn’t installed yet. Can that be? Shouldn’t it be included in the image?

What have I missed / forgotten to do?

Thanks in advance!


Hi kwfhh,

My guess is that you may not be using the special DLI Jetson Nano SD card image. This image comes configured with the lesson notebooks, as well as the pre-configured Jupyter Lab server.

Please see this post for more information

Hi, kayccc,

yes, this has helped, thank you very much!

Best regards