Problem with jupyterbook on course "Getting started with AI on Jetson Nano"

I was looking at the step to interface camera where it asks me to go into folder “nvdli-nano” which i coudnt find. It shows only the folders on my home directory.

Hi, are you using the SD card image provided by the course? It comes pre-loaded with the Python notebooks and dependencies like PyTorch.

Oops, I have the jetpack for nano. May I know the expansion of DLI in NVIDIA DLI NANO?

OK, gotcha. DLI stands for NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute - see here:


I had a few issues with the SD card image currently available on the course :

It doesn’t seem to come with any jupyter installation and thus when the course ask me to do a display-less boot and go to nothing happens.

I have tried a few things, the board ping, confirming that the ethernet link over USB is working but nothing seems to listen on port 8888 :

nmap -sT
Starting Nmap 7.70 ( ) at 2019-07-01 19:08 CEST
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.0018s latency).
Not shown: 998 closed ports
22/tcp open ssh
111/tcp open rpcbind
MAC Address: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (Unknown)

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.43 seconds

after completing the ubuntu welcome steps (on a plugged in HDMI screen) and finally having a user and a terminal, I dung around and was able to install some python deps and jupyter.

which bring me to problem 2 :

Impossible to find any nvdli-nano folder anywhere (using the find command)

To get the files I had to git clone the project repository to finally get started.

Maybe something is wrong with the iso you provide ? maybe a custom install script did not run properly at the first boot of my jetson nano ? in any case the environment is not in sync with the documentation anymore… and it is a bit frustrating :)

Let’s hope the rest of the course will go smoothly :)

Let me know if there is another SD cart image I can try.

It doesn’t sound like you are actually using the Nano DLI image, because you don’t have the nvdli user. Can you try re-flashing with the image and double-checking that you are flashing the Nano DLI image?

Hi dusty, Thanks for your fast reply,

So, after double checking, all “getting started” pages and all pages related to the installation of the SDK (including the Jetson Download Center) point towards wich is indeed NOT the DLI image.

The DLI link only appears inside of the course pages and the existence of the specific DLI image is not mentioned anywhere.

As I first followed the “getting started tutorial”, I thought I was done with the installation of the board. My bad. Maybe you could add somewhere on the download page the DLI specific image ? Or maybe add in the course a sentence saying that you should re-flash the board if you followed the “getting started” tutorial before starting the DLI course ? That might avoid other people from following my (stupid) path :)

Thanks again for your time !

Ah, I understand now - thanks for your suggestion. Let me pass your comments along to the team and we will clarify that point in the DLI Nano course. Thanks!

I also followed the “getting started tutorial” when I flashed the SD card and subsequently could not access the JupyterLab server. Some clarification in the course would be helpful.


I am unable to get the Jupyter notebook to start.

I get the login page. I type in the password and the page just reloads requesting password.

if I type in anything other than ‘dlinano’ the page reloads with the message ‘Invalid credentials’ below the password box.

So i am sure I am typing in the password correctly. I just cannot move forward. Please help.


For others who might find this post, genie-run has resolved the source of the issue in this thread: