Cannot Access Jupyter Notebook 'Getting started with AI on Jetson Nano' course

I can’t access Jupyter Notebook. It’s showing refused to connect. I tried changing browser in different machines(both laptop and GPU). But no luck.
I am new to this field.

Please let me know how to do it.


Can you copy paste the terminal command you’re using to start jupyter? I use something like --ip=’*’ on startup and all local IPs can hit my notebook. You’ll also want to set passwords etc.

Link to a general guide on setup:

@jrtapley Thank you for your answer. In microSD card I had the Jetpack image not the course and that’s why I couldn’t connect to Jupyter server. Thank you for the link.

I have a problem too. The jupyter notebook is up fine. But i keep getting the error: camera not defined… And the cell importing the jetcam package remains with a * meaning it never finishes execution. What is the issue please?